Effective, Reliable Notifications for your Family, Businesses and Schools

Pottawattamie County Emergency Management has partnered with Iowa Homeland Security & Emergency Management and Inspiron Logistics Wireless Emergency Notification System to provide you a secure and reliable emergency notification system to enhance the safety and security of our citizens.

The system provides emergency notifications by Voice Calls, SMS text messages, Emails, and Pager alerts to locally declared emergencies, critical events, or severe and extreme weather threats. The system can alert citizens across the county of events such as: emergency evacuation orders, hazardous material threats, critical law enforcement emergencies, missing person alerts, impending severe weather, or any critical event that could impact the public health and safety of our citizens.

Each citizen that participates helps make our communities safer and enhances the ability of emergency services to meet your needs when and emergency or disaster strikes. In many cases of major emergencies or disaster, phone systems are overwhelmed, leaving SMS text messaging one of the most reliable methods to distribute critical information to enhance public safety – don’t delay, sign up today!

Alerts sent from Pottawattamie County will originate from 69310 for text messages, (712) 328-5791 for voice messages, and noreply-pottcoalerts@pottcounty-ia.gov for email messages. Please save this contact information in your contact lists.

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